Selecting a homesite with your ideal view and location is just the beginning of the excitement that comes with ownership at Salters Haven. Once you chose your dream spot, the Salters Haven Featured Builders Program convenient, fun, and easy. The Featured Builder Team is a collection of the area’s top builders and offers you the ability to either chose a plan from a collection of plans or design and build your custom home. Their goal? To create an enjoyable experience while offering convenience and quality. 


Meet the Builders

Meet the builders, tour their models and explore their design centers.

Choose a Plan

Choose a plan from a builder and start designing your new coastal home!

By Bill Clark, a division of bill Clark Homes, focuses on building homes with their clients’ lifestyles in mind. With Legacy Homes by Bill Clark, building your dream home is an enjoyable experience.

From contemporary to classic Logan Homes uses cutting edge technologies, streamlined processes, and personalized designs, and has built thousands of homes in the Wilmington area alone.