Destination Guide


We created this extensive list of local favorites to make discovering our area easier for you. Check out the Destination picks below!

Midtown Wilmington is filled with culture, good eats, small music venues and great beer and wine options! All of these subdivisions are just a few minutes away from each other and all offer many great options for activities. 


Mayfaire is filled with a wide array of real estate, between quaint neighborhoods and luxury homes just minutes from Wrightsville Beach. This area also offers sophisticated townhomes and condos, centrally located between great shopping, hotels, grocery stores, gyms, and restaurants. The Mayfaire area is a one-stop-shop. 


A town that is a short drive from the beach offering a rural feel to many of its residents. It has continuously grown and has become one of the best communities to live in North Carolina. 


This area is filled with beautiful homes, rental properties and fast growing neighborhoods. Midtown Wilmington is a hub for growth to happen within the next few years. Whether you are looking for a bite to eat or a place to shop, Midtown will have you covered.